About Urielheld Cremations and its history

Urielheld Cremations was established for the purpose of offering cost effective and
alternative burial of the deceased to bereaved families and loved ones.
With the growing environmental concerns and rising costs associated with traditional burials, we provide reassurance that you will;

Smiling Family Posing in Field
  1.  Honour the memory of your loved one who have passed on with dignity.
  2. Provide you with a cost effective alternative and save you from exorbitant costs associated with traditional funerals.
  3. Offer the flexibility of choosing the final resting place of the deceased or keep your loved one’s ashes where your heart desires.
  4. Promote sustainability and play an active role in saving the environment in saving space and choosing the environmentally friendly caskets.
    Urielheld Cremations is a name associated with integrity and reliability regarding services we offer which include: cremations, memorialisation and training.